Screened Rock

Screened Rock gives a cleaner rock for use in anything from landscaping to public space fill.

Screened for a clean look

‘Screened’ rock typically contains between 20% and 40% fines. While not washed, it is still perfectly functional as a clean looking rock product.



NameTon/Yard RatioPrice Per Ton
3/8" Chips1.2 Tons/Yard Ratio$17.0
5/8" Chips1.2 Tons/Yard Ratio$13.0
1/2" Screened Rock1.2 Tons/Yard Ratio$13.0
3/4" Screened Rock1.2 Tons/Yard Ratio$11.0
1" Screened Rock1.2 Tons/Yard Ratio$11.0
1 1/2" Screened Rock1.3 Tons/Yard Ratio$11.0
3" Screened Rock1.3 Tons/Yard Ratio$10.0

Bulk Pricing

The above pricing is for limited purchase quantities. Please contact us for bulk/project discounts.

Delivery/Pick Up

Screened Rock is available for delivery and for pick-up. Please get in touch with us to coordinate that with your timeline.

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