Miscellaneous Products

Anything else from topsoil to singular boulders or reject material, this section is where you will find it.

Magna feugiat tempus

Anything from raw material and fill, to pre-load material to large boulders to complete that backyard landscape project. This is where you'll find it.


NameTon/yard RatioPrice Per Ton
Top Soil1.2 Tons/Yard Ratio$12.0
Excavated Dirt1.2 Tons/Yard Ratio$3.0
Pit Run (uncrushed raw material)1.9 Tons/Yard Ratio$3.5
3/4" Crushed Concrete1.9 Tons/Yard Ratio$9.0
2" Backfill1.5 Tons/Yard Ratio$6.5
Decorative Rock (please call from more info)VariesCall

Bulk Pricing

The above pricing is for limited purchase quantities. Please contact us for bulk/project discounts.

Delivery/Pick Up

All Misc products are available for delivery and for pick-up. Please get in touch with us to coordinate that with your timeline.

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