Locally Owned &
Operated, World-class service

Chum Lake Gravel Products is a locally owned and operated aggregate supplier to the North Okanagan, Shuswap and Thompson-Nicola regions. In business since 2018, Chum Lake Gravel Products is earning a reputation for supplying outstanding construction materials to the markets it serves. We have continued to protect the lands we mine all while restoring the resources to a natural and beautiful area after mining.

Environmentally Conscious

Being locals, we care about our environment. Chum Lake Gravel does everything it can to run as environmentally friendly of an operation as possible.

Fair Pricing

Owned by local businessmen, Chum Lake operates with the intentions on having long-time loyal customers for decades to come, and prices accordingly.

Large Capacity

With a TODO acre pit, we have the capacity to provide all required aggregate for any project, from high-rise to highways.

Our Products

With our customers including road builders, asphalt, landscaping, construction and concrete companies, we have a diverse range of products sure to suit your needs.


Correct crush from 3/4" to 3" and driveway mix, we can supply your road base gravel.

Screened Rock

Screened Rock gives a cleaner rock for use in anything from landscaping to public space fill.

Landscape Rock

From Pea Gravel to decorative boulders, we have your landscape needs covered.


Sand for anything from septic fields to backyard sand boxes or even concrete requirements.


Anything else from topsoil to singular boulders or reject material, this section is where you will find it.


Trucing rates and the areas we will cover.

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